Empowering God’s children...

 To grow in faith.

 To achieve academic excellence.

 To become strong leaders.

 To serve the community.

 To protect the environment.

 To be the best they can be.

Involved parents are partners in learning


The PTO works with the principal and the school board to promote the intellectual and spiritual development of students. It builds a close relationship between parents and teachers so they can work together to educate students.

The PTO holds meetings throughout the school year and sponsors activities for families to get together, for parents to meet and “chat,” and for students to enjoy.

The PTO helps the school raise money for unexpected or special purchases or for any other needs the school may have. Parents and others can support the school by participating in the school contributions programs at local grocery stores by recycling aluminum cans and collecting Boxtops for Education. None of these programs has any participation costs. We wish to thank Publix, Bi-Lo and Ingles Markets for their support of the school.

There are various opportunities for parents to help out at the school. All parents and school volunteers must complete a required “Protecting God’s Children” class before they are eligible to volunteer. A copy of their certificates of completion must be on file in the school office.


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