Empowering God’s children...

 To grow in faith.

 To achieve academic excellence.

 To become strong leaders.

 To serve the community.

 To protect the environment.

 To be the best they can be.

Our committed faculty and staff make the difference

  Our teachers are experienced professionals — many with master’s degrees in their fields of expertise.

They share a love of learning, a love of children, a commitment to Catholic values and a personal connection to the school and their students.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by the email addresses below. 





Esperanza Sierra, K-4 esierra@stpaulschoolsc.com

Lauri Mitro, K-5 lmitro@stpaulschoolsc.com

Ray Rucker,  first grade rrucker@stpaulschoolsc.com

Krista Eckley, second grade keckley@stpaulschoolsc.com

Audrey Earnhardt, third grade aearnhardt@stpaulschoolsc.com

Gina Benvenuto, fourth grade gbenvenuto@stpaulschoolsc.com

Susan Fuller, fifth grade, sfuller@stpaulschoolsc.com

Kim Gallagher, MS science and math kgallagher@stpaulschoolsc.com

Melissa Drummond, seventh grade and Spanish mdrummond@stpaulschoolsc.com

Thomas Fuller, eighth grade tfuller@stpaulschoolsc.com

Chip Clary, PE and computer cclary@stpaulschoolsc.com

Sylvia Spears, art sspears@stpaulschoolsc.com

Mary Lee, librarian mlee@stpaulschoolsc.com

Jamie Kirby, music jkirby@stpaulschoolsc.com


Administrative Support

Cindy Hoops, administrative assistant 
Dea McDonough, K-4 assistant
Christine Weber, K-5 assistant
Judy Akelaitis, bookkeeper