Empowering God’s children...

 To grow in faith.

 To achieve academic excellence.

 To become strong leaders.

 To serve the community.

 To protect the environment.

 To be the best they can be.

Activities that make a difference in our community

Engagement, enthusiasm and excitement about learning shouldn't stop when the bell rings. St. Paul has a rich portfolio of extra curricular programs that extend and enrich the school community.


EDP (Extended Day Program) is offered to students of all ages for a minimal fee. Students are given a snack and help with their homework. Please contact the office for more details. 








  • Art Club | K-4 through 3rd grades
  • Indoor/Outdoor Game Club | K-4 through 3rd grade
  • Music Club | Kindergarten through 2nd grade
  • Student Council | 1st through 8th grades
  • School Band | 3rd through 8th grades
  • Choir | 3rd through 8th grades
  • Vocations Club | 4th through 8th grades
  • Environment Club | 4th through 8th grades 
  • Beta Club | 6th through 8th grades
  • Battle of the Brains | 6th through 8th grades
  • Yearbook Club | 8th grade