One family’s story

Fourteen years ago, Blas Miyares had a chance to move his family to Atlanta and to resume his career as a Delta pilot.

He took the opportunity to return to Delta, but not to move to Atlanta. On that front, the children were the major factor. “We were happy with the school and we didn’t want to rock the boat,” says Miyares.

Blas was educated at St. Paul through the sixth grade, his two sisters (one now an investment banker in Miami and the other a marketing executive with the Red Cross) both graduated. The Miyares’s daughter, Lauren, graduated from St. Paul and is now a pre-med honors student at USC; Blas III graduated and is attending Oakbrook Prep and the youngest, Christina, is an eighth-grader who will graduate this year.

“We just really like St. Paul,” says Miyares. His own children were all different: ”They had different learning abilities, different strengths and weaknesses,” and the school worked with each child individually.

Value? Miyares calls St. Paul  “a bargain.” When he and his wife, Theresa, discussed the move to Atlanta, it was the value of their education at St. Paul that tipped the scale. “We felt the kids were getting a great education and weren’t so sure we’d be able to duplicate that in Atlanta and get the same value.”

Empowering God’s children...

 To grow in faith.

 To achieve academic excellence.

 To become strong leaders.

 To serve the community.

 To protect the environment.

 To be the best they can be.

Admissions information and costs of attending St. Paul

Tuition is paid over an 11-month period. Payments are due on the 10th of each month and are considered late after the 10th unless other arrangements have been made with the principal. The first tuition payment is due by Aug. 1 and the last tuition payment is due on June 1. Book fees are due on July 1.

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